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We strive to have an enjoyable and positive work environment. You can have an impact on what kind of a workplace we create together. We will listen to you. Our projects are people oriented, and you will be able to create a career path best suited for you.

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Coders recipe for wellbeing

At Amban, we understand that a person is more than an employee. When a person enjoys their work and the environment, their holistic well-being is also improved.

A person is at their happiest when they have autonomy at their work, that is completing tasks to their own vision and learning more about themselves. This is why Amban has its own Innovation Factory, where you can present ideas and work on them further with your colleagues. Sound interesting? Contact us and we’ll tell you more! 


Meetings and working together
Regular entertainment and development meetings that are open to everyone – check pictures from here:


We reward our staff
We coach our staff – mental coaching aids in facing work, and day-to-day life in a positive mindset. We will help you reach your own personal goals and combat challenges. 

Developing your skills

Coaching and certifications

We provide long-term professional coaching and certification that is based on your skills. 

This is how you will become a true star at Amban


Career paths at Amban are built upon your own interests and needs. You’ll be able to join an entrepreneur spirited team where you have a say. You’ll gain freedom and responsibility, but you will also attain the possibility to develop and share your own know-how with like-minded people in your team. You have power over the work you do, and you can influence  the company’s procedures. 


Coaching is one core aspect of Amban – our goal is to help every employee of Amban in feeling content and satisfied with themselves, as well as their work. We strive for our employees to have the freedom to work in a way that is most interesting to them – which in turn can create better and more sufficient results. You can set your own goals for your work, and we will help you accomplish these goals. We care about your well-being. 


We appreciate your input and you will receive our full support in reaching these goals. If needed, you will receive support from experienced coaches that can aid you with technical matters or help you with reaching your own personal goals. 


Last but not least, we have an extensive number of interesting jobs, where you will be able to use and develop your own know-how by creating solutions with reputable clients. 

Why join Amban?

We invest in YOU!

Personal support from your team during a project. 

You will have a trustworthy team with extensive shared knowledge. 

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