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Our client wished for an updated cloud environment. The functionality and reliability of a technological system is vital for daily operations to flow smoothly. The overall aim was to create an all-encompassing migration from the old cloud environment to a new one, and so the new cloud environment was selected as the old and trusted Azure. A new cloud environment eases data management and sharing between different divisions of a company – for example, data visualization is 50% faster through Azure than the previous system! This aids the company in utilizing information efficiently and it also saves a lot of precious working hours.

The project itself included the planning and management of multiple use case migrations, as well as data visualization with different tools. To further improve this step, agile methods were implemented. The use cases were executed and tested successfully and the client was satisfied. The project is long-term since switching between cloud environments requires meticulousness and patience. 

Technologies used and required skill set: BI, Terraform, Ubuntu, Docker, Bash, Gitlab, PowerShell Core, Secure DevOps Kit for Azure, React, Apache Superset, Yarn, TypeScript

Labour unions

Different labour unions and unemployment benefits were provided with interfaces concerning applications and data management. The idea behind the transition was to switch from previously used techniques to a faster and more effortless way for information to pass through new information systems.

From the changes made, the processing time of applications decreased by around 70%, and the overall time for manual labor decreased to a fraction of what was previously required. An important goal was for the different funds and unions to get their systems to use agilely and fast. The time required for the completion of the project was less than predicted. 

Due to the delicate nature of information and for the formality of the project, the central part of the project was implementing new GDPR directions. The new interfaces were to be shaped accordingly to the authority database so that law related documents could be moved between different systems safely and securely. 

Core technologies: Java, AWS, Spring, JavaScript, SQL, Docker, API-development

Public administration

A new project group was created for a client that aimed to develop modern and user-friendly applications for the end user. The applications were created to fill support forms online.

The center parts of the project were the technologies and the software arcitechture which enabled the speedy development of new applications. In addition, the technologies used for the project support the future maintenance of the applications.

The initial steps of the project required for the old software framework to be migrated on to a new platform. Whilst completing this, the project team were required to put extra work into security, stability, and efficiency related improvements. Moving the software framework to a new platform was a necessary solution for the project to move forward to administration teams.

The project was completed with quality, and faster than predicted. The client’s goals were surpassed and in addition, a lot of time and money were saved.

Core technologies: Scrum, SAFe, Java (Spring Boot, Spring Security), TypeScript, React, Node.js, Robot Framework, OpenShift, Keycloak, Bitbucket, JIRA, API-Kehitys, SQL, SAML, Angular.

Public administration

We provided a client with a user interface development that can be used for different systems, both internally and externally. The purpose was to utilize modern technology to transform the previous system to a new, modern system. 

The end result of the project was an improved user experience and increased trust for all users. The end users of the system are both the client’s own staff and private users. After the successful completion of the project, the system was taken successfully into use.

Core technologies: React, JavaScript, SQL

Public administration

The aim of this project was to create a system which enables entry into multiple different services and systems with just one log in, instead of having different user logins for everyone. 

Authority figures have to log into multiple different services during their work day, and logging into the systems may often require multiple identification processes. This exacerbates the log in process, let alone trying to recollect all different passwords and usernames.

The issue was solved by utilizing SSO technology. Now, with the same log in, all systems can be logged onto effortlessly and fast. Alongside the project, we also made significant improvements to the ease and comfort of usage.

Core technologies: Java EE, SSO, Node.js, SOAP, REST, JPA, SQL, Spring, Docker, Linux, JUnit, Jest, Eclipse, VS Code, Git, Jira, Jenkins, Sonar, Confluence

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