Innovation Factory

Do you ever wish that you had more creative freedom within the workplace? And do you often wish that you had more time allocated for the things that drive you? Well, no need to look further, as this is exactly why Amban has created its own Innovation Factory. Innovation Factory allows for you to gain more freedom, opportunities, and power over what you do at work. In more simpler terms, you will be able to present ideas and inventions to Amban, and you will be able to work on them further with your colleagues! The main reason for establishing our own Innovation Factory is that we want to give our employees purpose and excitement – as we encourage and support innovation within Amban.


OpinionPie was created from the initiative of an employee, which was to create a simple yet effective platform that would allow for a company to gather data on the benefits and disadvantages of their products and services. OpinionPie is an effective tool that allows for companies to develop their products and services, internal services, as well as their efficiency. Through OpinionPie, you can receive feedback not only from your customers, but also from personnel, clients, and other relevant stakeholders to your company.  

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Rhobot was created from the idea of implementing a Chatbot on Amban’s webpage. This process however was extremely time consuming and challenging. The idea behind Rhobot is that building Chatbots does not need to be complex or time consuming. Thus, Rhobot has created a visual bot-building tool, which can guide in building smart bots without coding. It is fast, easy, and intuitive. With Rhobot, you can control data and content – and everything in between the two. 

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Recruitment solution

Due to Amban’s growth objectives and there being a massive increase in recruitment, there was a need for a new recruitment process. This led Amban to develop an internal recruitment solution which automates communication between different departments. Now, we can easily communicate between different departments, and we can navigate our recruitment process better. 

Alongside this solution, we also took our own Talent Solution into use. Its purpose is to follow the know-how of our team, and to manage consistent development. 

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